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((This is an RP Ask blog for the character Lt. Garuru from the series Keroro Gunsou.
I am planning to stay in character and give accurate answers to any questions asked...!))
Mar 26 '14
Mar 26 '14

((My apologies…for some reason tumblr won’t let me put pictures directly in replies.))

Mar 25 '14

ask-jayde-mekeke asked:

I'm Going to Eat Your Brother




Excuse me?

Mar 25 '14

zumama16 asked:

hello i'm zumama and i'm keroro's little sister

Hello…*squints at you to get a better look* I had no idea Keroro Gunso had siblings.

Mar 25 '14

Anonymous asked:

you know i thought it was kinda funny that my tag i LLG, when yours is GLL. and my favorite color is purple. jest kinda funny to me.

Coincidences happen.

Dec 12 '13
((*Drops a quick picture sorry for the inactivity!*))

((*Drops a quick picture sorry for the inactivity!*))

Tags: artreply
Oct 14 '13

corporalzoruru asked:

((*repeatedly jabs at your eyeballs with a pencil*))

((X___X why did you do that? I know this blog is very sporadic with posting, but still

In other words…I’m very sorry to everyone for being slow with asks. College apps have to be in q.q))

Aug 20 '13

Anonymous asked:

If I gave you a notebook, would you write your name in it?

*assumes a thinking pose* Of course I would, otherwise how would others find it if—-
*slowly lowers hand from his thinking pose*
I would…unless this “notebook” happens to be that pekoponian death weapon that’s so prevalent in japanese media…

Aug 20 '13

corporalzoruru asked:

((*boops your non-existent nose* (@ ´ ω ` )ノ))

((o3o *covers non-existent nose* ´ /w\ ` ))

Aug 19 '13

Anonymous asked:

Hey,do giroro ever asked you to sleep with him when he was a little tadpole?

…*wonders if he’s compromising his safety by answering this question*